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Engineer Requests

Engineer Requests

Tracking Installs

The Tracking Installs team provide a nationwide engineering service of telematic equipment including vehicle tracking units, safety camera’s, handsfree kits and more.

All requests are logged and managed by The Fleet Store support desk meaning once you submit your request, you just need to sit back and let the team take care of the rest!

To help speed up booking in any work that may be required, it’s good to familiarise you with some of the terminology used to describe various jobs:

  • De-installation Taking out existing vehicle tracking equipment from a vehicle
  • De/Re Installation Where equipment is removed from one vehicle, then put back into another during the same visit
  • Re-installation Where equipment has already been taken out of a vehicle, and it needs to be put in to a new vehicle at a later time

If you are looking to book an engineer to install a new unit that you wish to order, please simply log a request for the [new unit here] and we will arrange the kit & engineer simultaneously.

Engineer Requests

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